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Options For Keeping Photos Private

At Kevin James Photography, I understand that you may have privacy concerns about the photos from your session. I highly value your trust and are committed to respecting your wishes.

Having a strong portfolio is crucial for showcasing my work and attracting new clients. However, I'm happy to work with you to find a solution that allows you to control how your photos are used. First, here are some questions you may have:



Q: Why is there a fee if I don't want my photos in your online portfolio?

There are a few reasons! Normally, showcasing client photos is a win-win. It lets you shine and helps me attract new clients who love my style. I understand when you choose not to share, but it limits my marketing opportunities. The fee helps offset the loss of that valuable exposure, sharing client photos is an extremely valuable way to showcase my work.

Q: Why can't I get the RAW images from my session?

Great question! RAW images are kind of like the behind-the-scenes magic of photography. They're unedited and unprocessed, straight out of the camera. They need to be professionally edited to truly shine, RAW images are usually not useful to non-photographers because you need specific software and paid subscriptions to edit them. It is almost like asking a baker for the eggs and flour they used to bake your cake.

Q: What happens if I don't let you share my photos online? Will it hurt your business?

Absolutely! Sharing my work is like a cake shop showing off their cakes. Without beautiful photos to showcase my photography style and attract new clients who love my work, it's like running a cake shop with the blinds closed - people won't know what kind of work I can do and my business would struggle. See other examples of how sharing client work is necessary.


Q: Okay, I get it, but I'm still not comfy with my photos being online. What are my options?

No worries at all! I completely respect your privacy. I offer a few options below to keep your photos under wraps (or at least partially!)



For Complete Control: Exclusive Photo Ownership

This option grants you complete ownership of all the photos delivered. While this gives you the most flexibility in usage, it's also the most comprehensive investment. Completely buying out the copyright to all the photos delivered is an additional 150% of the booking cost.


Choose What You Share: Selective Copyright Purchase

You can choose specific photos you'd like exclusive rights to, with a per-image fee of $8. This lets you control which photos appear in my portfolio without a full buyout.


Sharing on Your Terms: Delayed Portfolio Posting

If you would prefer to have some control over the timing, we can agree on a delay before the photos appear in my portfolio.

  • 1 month is a standard delay and there are no costs.

  • 3 months would incur an additional 40% of the booking cost.

  • 6 months would incur an additional 85% of the booking cost.

We can also discuss a longer delay if that better suits your needs.

Please let me know which one you are comfortable with and we will go from there.

I'm all about making you comfortable so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Other examples of how sharing client work is necessary:

Personal Trainer Business:

The personal trainer needs to showcase their client's success stories publicly to attract new clients. Before-and-after photos and results demonstrate their effectiveness in helping clients achieve their fitness goals.

Interior Design:

The designer must publicly showcase their finished projects (clients' homes) to attract new clients. Before-and-after photos or portfolio images of clients' completed rooms demonstrate their design skills and aesthetics.

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