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Welcome to KJ Photography

FREE Portraits Call April 2023

Solos and Couples

Only 2 steps here:

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So, here is what's happening!

The Win-Win
The reason behind this portrait call is to expand my services and explore different types of people photography, as well as give people that have an interest in self-portrait and modelling a foot into the experience of how it's done and a chance to reveal the beauty in you that you may have never gotten the chance to explore! 

Not experienced?

Do not worry! This is simply a casual meet-up, we take some portraits, have a good chat, laugh about and continuously gasp over how your photos are looking in post-edit!

If you already have experience in modelling, that's awesome! I would love some tips from you also on giving you the right prompts during the day to help you create the best results!

Let's Jump Into the Process! 


  • We discuss your preferences and figure out what kind of portraits you would like or what suits you best!

  • You send me some samples (from Pinterest, IG etc) of what you would love to try out. We can even sort out some props if you would like to incorporate those into the shoot.

  • We figure out some potential locations for the day.

  • We discuss the practical side of things such as when and how we get there.

  • After all the details are set, a $50 deposit (fully refundable after the shoot) is made to confirm the booking. (If the booking is cancelled by you 5 days before the session date, the deposit is non-refundable.)


Shoot Day

  • We meet up, have a chat and start your session!

  • Let's stick to around 1-1.5hr of shooting.


Post Shoot

  • I'll edit the images in the next couple of days and send you all images with watermark overlay.

  • You can get up to 10 of your favourite photos for free, high resolution with no watermark! Additional images can be bought for $10 each.


Ready? Let's Do This!

Fill in the form below and I'll be right with you! :)

By submitting the form below, you give permission:

  • to be photographed and videographed by KJ Photography.

  • for your photos and videos to be used by KJ Photography for portfolio, website, sales and marketing purposes.

You obtain a print release for personal use only.

All information submitted is strictly kept private and not shared publicly.

If the booking is cancelled by you 5 days before the session date, the deposit is non-refundable.

Portaits Call Form
Portraits Call!

April 2023

Solo and couple shoots

For experienced and non-experienced. Casual shoot located outdoors, in nature and urban environments.


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