terms of service



A booking deposit of $100 (from the quote total) or 50% is required to be paid to confirm the booking, the rest is paid when invoiced (deposit amount is flexible).
Clients agree to provide your email and phone number to the photographer for communication and photo sharing reasons.
Clients agree to provide information about the event such as time, date, location, number of guests, theme and lighting conditions.

Hiring on the spot is a base rate of $100 per hour ($25 for 15 minutes). This includes editing and sharing costs.

 Same day booking has an additional fee of $50.

Requesting to book with only 10 or fewer days notice consists of a $20 late booking fee (event date not included).


Pricing and package deals are not permanent and may be altered anytime.

Pricing and package deals may be flexible depending on the needs of the client.


An invoice will be sent after the event. Please notify the photographer with a screenshot of the digital transfer receipt.

No photographs will be delivered until all payments are paid in full.

The client is paying for the photographer’s time, effort, experience and skills which are self-taught over time.

The client is paying for the photographer to travel to the booking, take photos, filter through, edit, upload, document and share the images.


If the client decides to increase the photographing hours during the booking, it is the set hourly rate + $20.

 If the client decides to shorten the photographing hours, the agreed amount on the quote will be charged.

The number of business days taken for photo submission depends on the package the client chooses.
USB delivery is available for $20. Delivery of USB to the client's chosen address will take extra time. 
 Edited images will be kept in archives for 2 months after submission.
If the client loses the submitted photos after receiving them, the photographer cannot guarantee to supply them again.
 Edited photos can be submitted as quick as 2 business days for an extra cost.

• Original images are not provided but are available at a cost if the client must have them. Must be requested within 1 week after photo submission date.

PHOTO Sharing

All photos shared on Google Drive must be downloaded within 1 week (please request if extra time is needed).

All photos shared on Google Drive can be shared with your friends and families by using a public link.

Albums, quotes and invoices shared will be taken down 7 days after the final photos are submitted (request to extend album active time).

The delivered photos may be uploaded to Facebook as a public shareable album, and to any other KJP portfolios.


If the client has any specific editing styles that they want, they must notify the photographer before the event. If not notified then the photos will be edited in an appropriate style.

All images will be adjusted for exposure, contrast, sharpness, clarity, colour etc. The photographer’s decision on these editing changes is to the best of their knowledge and ability.

It is possible that some images can be lacking in quality due to uncontrollable lighting conditions that may occur at the event/shoot such as extreme brightness or darkness.

The client must notify the photographer prior to the booking if they require non-watermarked photos, the reason being that the photographer can prepare for it.
 The client must choose the photos they want with no watermark and notify the photographer within 1 week after receiving the photos.
The watermarking of the logo will be added to all images taken unless requested (fees apply).
Watermarking is not added to photoshoot portraits but giving credit to the photographer is much appreciated.
Watermark will be applied on ball and graduation photos. Additional fee for non-watermarked photos.

By giving permission to be photographed, you agree that the photos taken at the event/shoot are allowed to be posted on Kevin James Photography social media and websites anytime in the future (unless the client states otherwise. Please read the Privacy section, point 1).
 KJP owns the photographs taken, as well as the copyright. The photos will only be used for portfolio, marketing and educational purposes.


Any issues with the photographic submission must be reported to the photographer as soon as possible, within a maximum of 10 working days from the photo submission.

The photographer will attempt to resolve the issue to the best of his ability.

The photographer has the right to refuse the clients requests of re-editing with a fair reason.

If the client decides to cancel the booking, the deposit is non-refundable as a cancellation fee. This varies depending on the time between the cancellation and booked date.

• Maximum cancellation fee to be charged is $100, the rest of the deposit will be refunded.
If a booking is postponed due to unfortunate weather or Covid, a mutual agreement can be made to reset a date.
If the photographer has to cancel his shoot, all payments made will be refunded and will attempt to find a replacement photographer.


 A maximum of 25% of the delivered photos can be considered private, the rest may be uploaded on KJP portfolios.

• All client details are stored in an internal private database, none will be shared publicly.

The client agrees to all other standard conditions based on photography services.

The terms of service above is not permanent and can be altered anytime.